How Can I Use RepairDesk with Unlockr?

This guide will help you connect Unlockr to your RepairDesk software for easy access to your unlockr Unlocking Services directly from RepairDesk

First, Open a browser window and login to Unlockr.

Click API access on the bottom left corner.

Click on the button “Generate API/Reset API” it will give you a username and an API Key. Keep this tab open as we will need those details later on.

Login to RepairDesk and access “Unlock API” from the integrations section.

From there, change the supplier type to “DHRU”

  • Supplier Name: Unlockr
  • Website URL :
  • Email/Username : your API username as shown in the first step of this guide. You can get it from here
  • API Key : Your API Key as shown in the first step of this guide. You can get it from here
  • Active : Make sure this option is checked to enable the connection.

Click “Create” and it will start the connection. You will then be able to Map products.

Products Mapping

Once you have successfully added Unlockr as a supplier, the next step is to MAP products that are listed under unlock tab with your supplier. Product mapping is essential to run this integration and if the mapping is incorrect, Unlockr API Integration will not work.

To map an unlock here’s what you need to do:

  • 1. Go to Inventory -> Manage Services -> Unlocking
  • 2. Click +Product

It will bring you to the service creation page.

Make sure you select Unlockr from the supplier drop-down menu

Once you have selected Unlockr as a supplier, you will be able to view our unlocking services under the Map Product drop-down menu. Map the unlocking service that you need and fill the rest of the form.  You need to map an unlocking product with its respective unlocking service.

Lets say you want to add a Bell Canada iPhone unlocking service, make sure you map it with the appropriate service, in this case, the “Bell/Virgin Mobile iPhone – Clean Express”

Click on Create and repeat the process for each service that you need to add.

From now on, when you bill a customer for a Phone Unlocking service in your RepairDesk POS unlocking section, their order will be automatically submitted to Unlockr!

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