Refund Procedure

This Knowledge Base I will show you how to properly request a refund. Unlockr will refund all phones proven not unlocked as long as we have the details required. First, head to the order page of the phone you claim as not unlocked. Click on “I have a problem with this order” it should look like below,
how to get refunded
All the phone information will appear, the only thing you have to do is select “The phone didn’t accept the code provided’ and enter your Video Proof URL from YouTube or any video hosting service. Please make sure the video includes ALL of the following ; The video has to include the dial of  *#06#. (So we see the IMEI of the phone from the device itself) The video has to include the IMEI as well as the dial of the unlock code provided by Unlockr on the phone including the error code. It is necessary for us to see the code is incorrect with the error message. You can add any questions or additional comments if required and click “Create Ticket”. It will automatically create a ticket and notify us. We will get back to you by email, phone or live chat mostly on the same business day.

We will get back to you and refund you in the following 12-24 hours after the review of your video! 

Here you can find an example video including all of the necessary elements we need :

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