Unlock Widget installation and setup main guidelines


Widget Creation and activation

1. The first step is to press on “Add-ons”, it can be found below in the picture in the red rectangle.   2. The second step is to press on “ADD”, it can be found in the picture below in the red rectangle.     3. The third step is to select the add-on you want to add, in this case, the “Unlock widget”.   4. The fourth step is to click on the new widget that we just recently created, an example can be found below in the red rectangle.

 Payment methods & API documentations

5. The fifth step is to obtain the information to fill inside the Paypal and Stripe API required informations. To support Paypal payments To get your Paypal API details, please refer to the following guide : https://www.unlockr.ca/knowledgebase/get-paypal-api-information/ To support credit card payments To get your Stripe API details, please refer to the following guide : https://www.unlockr.ca/knowledgebase/get-stripe-api-information/ 6. The Sixth step is to toggle both Paypal API informations and Stripe API informations to “ON”, an example can be found below in the red squares.

Widget code snippet

7. The last step is to access your Widget, it can be done under the “Preview & Install your widget” section.  If you use a wordpress site you need to skip this step and go directly to step 8. Follow the instructions here to install the Widget easier directly from the wordpress plugin store : https://www.unlockr.ca/knowledgebase/add-unlock-store-widget/   To have the widget appear on your site, you have to use the two code snippets we are providing to you on this page. To prevent any issues you have to use both the iFrame script and the Auto-resize script. If you need any help with this step please contact us and we will help you. The two code snippets must be right next to each other in the same block, it should look like something like this :

<iframe id=”widgetAPP” src=”//login.unlockr.ca/widget/?storeId=WIDGETSTOREID” width=”100%” height=”100%” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″></iframe>


Prices and services management

  8. Your store is now setup and ready to go! To select the services available on your widget and the prices displayed please press on “Widget Services & Prices” under the “Unlock Widget” page. When creating your widget, default prices are automatically set. It is recommended to modify it to your liking. Please note the price of our services are changing on a daily basis, we strongly recommend updating your prices at  least once a week to make sure that your pricing is always competitive. Please note, you can select which services you want to show on your widget. The “display on store” option, allows you to enable or disable services that may or may not be relevant for you and your customers.

8. Last but not least, these are the steps that you have to follow for orders that are getting refunded. VERY IMPORTANT When a client orders on the widget, his order is automatically submitted to the appropriate service that will unlock his device. You will be able access all the orders that have been submitted through the widget under “Unlock Widget – Orders”. Once an order is completed on our end, a white labeled email is automatically sent to the client including the unlock code aswell as clear instructions explaining how to unlock the device, no actions are required on your end. If an order cannot be unlocked for various reasons, you will be notified and will have to take actions. The order will not be automatically refunded to the customer. As a store owner, you have two possibilities :  The first option is to contact us via live chat to verify if any other services could  get the device properly unlocked. In the case that the unlock can’t be completed, please use the second option. Otherwise, after ordering manually, you can mark the order as completed” by going on the widget order and inputting the code that you received through the new service manually. That way the client will receive an email with the new code. Your second option is to  refund the customer directly through Paypal or Stripe then mark the order as refunded.

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