The main features of your Unlockr panel

Table of content :

  1. This page allows you to order unlocking services.
  2. This page allows you to search for all your transactions.
  3. This section gives you the ability to verify all of your pending,completed,refunded and verification orders.
  4. This page gives you an overview of all the available services including the prices and important information.
  5. This page allows you to order prepaid vouchers from all the Canadian carriers.
  6. This page allows you to order services that will obtain detailed informations about all mobile devices.
  7. This section allows you to purchase add-ons for your website. (Example : Unlocking Widget – Click Here)
  8. This section allows you to manage your invoices, verify your transactions and add credits to your account.
  9. This text box can be verified for our daily – weekly updates regarding prices, services and new add-ons!

Place Order Section

This page is where you can place orders for Phone unlocking service and tools to check more informations about devices that you might have in store. What is important to know here is that you can use the search bar to search services. For example, you can type in : “Rogers” and it will list you the services related to Rogers.

“Delivery time” : This is the estimated turnaround time for the service, like in the example below, 1-10 minutes means that usually under normal conditions the service should deliver within this timeframe.

“Average delivery” : This is one of the most important information to look for in this page, for this statistic, we create an average with all the orders that we get from this service in the past 2 weeks for all of our customers, that way you can have the most precise delay information possible, the average delivery should be used to give an ETA to your customers and give you a much better idea of how long it will take to process.

“Service Terms & Conditions” :  This is the most important part of the place order page, it must be read at all times when placing an order because this is where we place important details/information about the service if required. Some services will have specific conditions and specific refund policies so it is very important to take note of it before placing your order.

Search Section

This page allows you to  lookup for anything that you ordered, it can be notes, imeis or order numbers. You can search for multiple keywords such as IMEI’s, Transaction numbers or even notes and the results will display below.   

Order History Section

This section allows you to access all of your orders categorized by their status.

  1. The pending orders, or “in process” are orders that you submitted and are waiting to be unlocked.
  2. The completed orders section will show all the orders that are completed.
  3. The refunded section shows orders that were refunded for any reason including all the details.
  4. The verification section includes all the orders that we’re sent under verification. This section will help you keep track of the status of these very specific orders.


Prepaid Vouchers Section

This page enables you to purchase top-up pins to purchase prepaid plans from Canadian Carriers. We support multiple different amounts and companies and the process is very simple. (More information can be FOUND HERE) The procedure is done through the website and the option to print the voucher is available for you at all time.  

IMEI Lookup Section

This page is a shortcut page from the place order page where it will show you all the services of type “Lookup”. To be more precise, you will find all the services related to information gathering about specific devices for different phone brands. You can use these services if you are unsure about the warranty or the carrier from which the phone is locked, and a lot more.  

Billing Section

This section allows you increase the balance on your account when you run out of credits, we support Paypal, Credit card and Interac e-Transfer.
Please note that the minimum amount required for Interac e-Transfer is 100$. Please note our system will not accept Interac e-Transfer payments under 100$.
The credits are added instantly to your account when using Paypal or Credit Card. It can take up to 24 hoursfor the credits to be deposited to your account if you send an Interac e-Transfer. All the credits you purchase are final sales and we will NOT grant any refund. No exceptions will be made.  

Staff Management Section

This page allows you to invite your employees to your store. This tool gives them the opportunity to  manage orders. You can use the “invite user” button to send them the required information and they will receive an invitation by email to join your store. From there, they will be able to register and start placing orders within minutes. It is important to use different accounts usernames or emails for your employees for you to be able to differentiate the users.    
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