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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Unlock Store Widget Exactly ?

Our Unlock Store Widget is a plugin for your website that allows you to resell our unlocking services to any of the customers visiting your website.

Why would I sell phone unlocking services on my website ?

The global smartphone market is growing very fast and the vast majority of North Americans already own a smartphone. Most smartphones are sold locked to a carrier. Customers will consider having a permanent phone unlocking solution for their phone because it’s very beneficial ;

  • Increases the resell value
  • Allows them to use local carriers while traveling
  • Gives them the possibility to change Carrier
  • Creates the opportunity to save money on their phone bills
  • Easier to sell to customers or third parties
How does the widget work ?

When a customer is paying for an order, his money gets automatically deposited into your PayPal or bank account (depending on the payment method chosen). We then automatically use your Unlockr credits balance to pay and place the order in the service that the customer requested at no additional or hidden fee’s. Once the unlock code is found, we automatically deliver it to your customer in a white-labeled email with detailed instructions on how to unlock his phone.

Why should I use the Unlock Store Widget ?

Our Widget will give you the ability to reach new customers without increasing the time you spend managing them. Selling unlocking services online with our Unlock Store Widget is a fully automated process, the unlock code is sent to your customers automatically after they ordered. Clear instructions will be given including the procedure as to how to unlock the phone. Anyone can start selling unlocking services within a few minutes, the installation process is easy and hassle-free!

Is my website compatible with the Unlock Store Widget?

Our Unlock Store Widget is compatible with all websites, including WordPress we have a free plugin to make the installation easier which can be found here : https://wordpress.org/plugins/unlockr-phone-unlock-widget/

Our outmatched live chat and phone support will always be able to assist you if you run into ANY issues. You can also contact them if you have any questions during the installation process. We guarantee a hassle-free installation process and our technicians will make sure your web widget is functional at all times.