The one stop shop for all your mobile needs

We offer all the tools to make your mobile store even more profitable.

Prepaid Vouchers

We offer a wide variety of mobile prepaid vouchers for all of your clients needs. They are easy to purchase, received instantly after purchase, and can be printed with any standard printer.

Repair Parts

Finding good quality parts is always a hassle and very time consuming. We provide top quality phone parts available right now, directly from Canada. Order directly with your credits and enjoy free one day shipping on all orders over 250$.


We always listen to our customers and always stay on the edge of technology. We support Slack integrations so that you can be notified of what is happening. We also create custom features for our clients when requested, because we understand that you may have very specific requirements.


Add modern tools to your website and stay ahead of the competition. Cell phone unlocking services automatically on your website with our custom store widget. You can even set your own custom price! We want to make sure you are equipped with top of the line tools for more simplicity and profitability.

Unlocking Services

We offer more than 100 different unlock tools to make sure that you can unlock all phones that you get in store. Our unlocking services are the fastest in the market with real average delivery times taken from all orders across our site. You can always know an estimated delivery time to give your clients the most precise ETA.

Best in class customer support

At Unlockr, support is our top priority. We work very hard to provide our customers with very fast and efficient customer support. Our live chat answers within 15 seconds and you speak directly to a real human on our phone line support. Our support business hours are specifically selected to cover all of your business hours.

Automation, Innovation, Dedication.

Our automated software is specifically engineered and designed to reduce your time spent managing your necessities as a mobile store by 30% over other popular competitors.

Fast and easy to use interface

Support from 9 AM to 9 PM (EST)

Easy to install widgets for your site

Competitive pricing

One stop shop solution

High-standard AAA quality repair parts

Prepaid vouchers

Gain access to Unlockr from anywhere

Free slack integration

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Email notifications

Price matching features

Support for large franchises

Logs to see your recent activity

Free blacklist check and exclusive tools

Money return

Get up to 2% money return on all mobile prepaid vouchers sold.

Cash deposits

Our unlocking widget deposits the money from your retail clients directly in your Paypal account.

One day Shipping

We offer one day shipping for your parts.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping for your parts on all your orders over 250$.

One stop shop

Order everything on our site with your credit balance. Keep it simple !


We got you covered, all of our repair parts include a 6 months warranty with refund upon return.

Graph Reports

Our unlocking dashboard includes many graph reports for you to have a better overview of your sales.

Chat support

We are available from 9 AM TO 9 PM (EST), our live chat agents will be available for all of your questions.

Start Selling On Your Website !

Create your custom prices and start selling unlocks in a few clicks

How it works

With a few clicks, you can install our Web widget on your website to allow your retail clients to order unlocking services for their device automatically. Stay ahead of the curve and reach more clients to grow your business by selling online.

Our white labelled solution ensures that your client will never be aware that the order goes through us. Everything is built to make it as easy as possible for anyone to order in a few seconds. The unlocking of their device is just a few clicks away!

Reach a new client base

Easy to use for clients

White labeled solution

Why choose us?

Take a look at our new video presentation.

We focus on providing high quality phone parts. Including our 6 months warranty and one day shipping, you can reduce your inventory and save money. 

Finding good quality parts is always a hassle and very time consuming. We provide high quality phone parts that are available right now.

You can order with your credits and enjoy a free one day shipping on all orders over 250$.

Multiple tools available

Team of dedicated agents

Always well served

Sourcing unlocking services?

Unlockr can offer you serious opportunities as a service provider. We currently deal with over 150 stores in North America and we are growing at an extremely fast pace. Get in touch with us as soon as possible! We are always looking for new opportunities. We want to offer our stores as many possibilities as we can to allow them to grow as fast as we are.

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